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Transform Dubai into a surfers' paradise with your investment.
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"There has been a boom in the construction of artificial surfing waves around the world. Even Abu Dhabi has built a Kelly Slater wave. We are in love with Dubai, the greatest city that seeks and finds the image of the perfect city of the future. But the fact that Dubai still doesn't have a good wave is a big mistake and the greatest business opportunity. We believe that any city of the future will have a surf centre as a must-have infrastructure. By bringing the perfect surf technology to life SURFBASE dreams of giving Dubai amazing surf projects and the best waves and surfing. Join us with your passion and love for surfing."

Vasily Prachev, CEO of SURFBASE
Surfing industry
Became an Olympic sport
45 million
$51 billion
Industry size in 2022
Surfers around the world
In 2024, the largest number of artificial wave pools in history are expected to open in one year. The new locations are to be: Qiddia (Saudi Arabia), Revel surf park (Arizona, USA), O2 Surftown muc (Munich, Germany), Urbnsurf (Sydney, Australia), Kelly Slater wave pool (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Atlantic park (Virginia Beach, USA), Crest surf clubs (New York, USA), Lost shore surf resort (Scotland), Palm Springs surf club (California, USA), Surf centre (Brazil), Surf poel (The Hague, Netherlands) and others
Our dream investor
Future-oriented and strategically minded
A positive person who loves surfing and sports
Willingness to invest from
Get a huge amount of positive emotions - rebcreate from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis
Meet interesting people and conduct business meetings on the wave
Increase health and vitality levels
Love and surfing is the energy of our lives. Every day we surf from morning to evening and sometimes even at night!
Learn to classic surfing on the ocean boards on a wave up to 3 meters
Who we are
SURFBASE is a group of companies including surf clubs, sports equipment manufacturing and hydrodynamic bureau with patented wave machine technology, dedicated to the design and manufacture of wave rigs, turbines and pumping equipment since 2010.
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