Invest In The World’s Largest Indoor Surf Club With ROI 30%
Our dream investor
People who love surfing and other water sports
A sea of positive energy and a desire to help not only with money
Willingness to invest from
Surfing industry
Became an Olympic sport
45 million
$51 billion
Industry size in 2022
Surfers around the world
Ultimate destination for ocean enthusiasts and surf fans
SURFBASE Dubai, home to the world's largest artificial standing surf wave, a staggering 30 meters wide and surging up to 3 meters high. Novice or pro, our technology ensures the perfect wave. But we're more than waves. As a member, enjoy our beach club, gym, yoga studio, restaurant, and surf shop.
The Wave
An endless deep water wave for classic surfing, which uses the principle of river rapids
Surfing on all types of ocean surfboards, bodyboards, kayaking and longboards
Safety — no reefs, sharks or uncontrolled waves
30 meters width river surf wave — the world's largest
Controlled wave height from 0.8 meters to 3 meters. From soft and gentle waves for beginners, to ultra-fast and aggressive for experienced
Surf Club Concept
Recreation club, located in the city center and open 365 days a year
Wave can be installed either inside a finished building or as a freestanding structure
Place with a wave pool, gym, yoga studio, restaurant, surf shop and lounge area
Maintenance takes 2 days and is carried out once a year
The surfing zone is large enough to host corporate events on it
Different modes of operation of the wave machine are created for both learning beginners and riding professionals
Get a huge amount of positive emotions - rebcreate from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis
Meet interesting people and conduct business meetings on the wave
Increase health and vitality levels
Love and surfing is the energy of our lives. Every day we surf from morning to evening and sometimes even at night!
Learn to classic surfing on the ocean boards on a wave up to 3 meters
Electric power
Facility requirements
We have designed the most powerful 30m wave for city surfing. The wave is calculated and designed based on the results of computational fluid dynamics simulations to obtain the optimal parameters by optimizing for each specific installation.
35,000 sqft
5 MW
Сonvenient location
City center
Surfing services
Individual and group training
Corporate events
Kids' group training
Professional surfers' training and competitions
Average number of guests per session
of revenue is rent
Expected ROI in the project
Average check per hour session
Average number of hours working per day
300 AED
Management Company operates the club
2023 Q2 - Start of fundraising

2023 Q3 - Incorporation

2023 Q4 - Signing of a lease agreement

2024 Q3 - Wave machine installation

2025 Q1 - Club opening
Who we are
SURFBASE is a group of companies including surf clubs, sports equipment manufacturing and hydrodynamic bureau with patented wave machine technology, dedicated to the design and manufacture of wave rigs, turbines and pumping equipment since 2010.
3000 sqm recreation club with surfing pool, spa zone, gym, shop, and a surf skate zone
Wave parameters: 10m width, 27m length, 2.5m high, 1 MW power
160 guests every day
Complex ocean surfing training programs
20,000 clients from all over the world
Profitable from the 6th month of operation
SURF BROTHERS Surf Club opened in June 2021. Located in the Skolkovo innovation center in Moscow
Become an investor of the SURFBASE Dubai